Supporting Organizations

The Dayton Foundation is the home for 10 supporting organizations, that support a variety of charitable causes important to the community and to the people who established them. These organizations include:

  • The Dayton Foundation Charitable Accounts, Inc.
  • The Dayton Foundation Plus, Inc.
  • Dayton History
  • The Disability Foundation
  • The Glennon Family Charitable Trust
  • Greener Pastures Foundation
  • The Hundred Club of Dayton
  • The Harry and Margaret Moore Foundation
  • Moraine Caddy Scholarship Fund
  • Ohio Community Pooled Annuity Trust

The Board of Trustees for The Disability Foundation are appointed by The Dayton Foundation.

The Disability Foundation, Inc.

In 1999, The Dayton Foundation helped to establish The Disability Foundation. This supporting organization offers a planning option that provides supplemental services for individuals with disabilities.

Inheriting or receiving even minor amounts of money or property may jeopardize an individual with disabilities support from Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The Disability Foundation administers The Ohio Community Pooled Trust, a safe and affordable planning option for people faced with this issue. Through the Trust, individuals with disabilities and their families can establish an account that will provide a lifetime plan of payments to support the individuals’ supplemental needs without risking Medicaid and SSI benefits.

The Disability Foundation was initiated through the efforts of The Dayton Foundation, working with the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, the Gorman-Hewitt-Ayars Memorial Fund of United Cerebral Palsy, Greater Dayton Mental Health Foundation and the Greene Foundation.

Board Members

Mary Rita Weissman, chair, Joseph B. Baldasare, Tom DeRoss, Mark Gerhardstein, Gussie Jones, Judith A. LaMusga, Megan Manuel, Steve Niswonger, James R. Powell, Leon VandeCreek, Jeffrey A. Vernooy, Lisa K. Wiseman

For More Information

The Disability Foundation is located in the offices of The Dayton Foundation at 40 N. Main Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45423,

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Kevin Hayde

“If you would like to explore the 'Pooled Trust' idea for someone you care about, contact me Kevin Hayde, executive director of The Disability Foundation, at (937) 225-9939. I'll be happy to talk to you about how The Disability Foundation might be of help to you.”

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