How to Use Your Fund

Once you have selected the appropriate fund that works for you, The Dayton Foundation works with you to manage it. Below, you will find several resources to help you stay informed about the charitable fund you established. We welcome your questions and comments (see Who Here Can Help You).

Managing and Making Grants from Your Fund:

  • Contribute to your Fund via gifts of stock, mutual funds, real estate, check or money order and start making an impact on the causes you care about. You are eligible for a charitable deduction on the date that we receive your contribution for your account.
  • Securely access your fund balance and account information online 24-hours a day through Donor Express, the Foundation’s online fund management system. If you would rather fax or mail your grant suggestions, contact our Grants department to receive Grant Instruction Forms.
  • Recommend grants to U.S. based charities and help support the organizations you care about or address important and ongoing issues. Click below for more information.

» Grants to U.S.-based Charities

The easiest and most common option is to award a grant to a U.S.-based charitable organization that operates international programs, such as the American Red Cross, Feed the Children and the Heifer Project International Foundation. These established organizations currently address a number of important overseas issues, including emergency relief efforts due to natural disasters and ongoing issues, such as improving the health and education of a particular country’s citizens. You may designate a grant to the organization and indicate the particular effort you wish to support.

You also can award a grant to a "Friends of" organization, such as Friendship with Cambodia and Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans. These types of charities are established in the United States with the sole purpose of raising funds for a specific charitable program located in a particular country.

  • Direct grants to international efforts or “friend of” organizations that are U.S.-based charities. Click below for more information.

» Grants to U.S. Intermediary Organizations

Intermediary organizations are U.S.-based charities (for example Give2Asia, United Way Worldwide and the Global Fund for Children) that establish charitable funds for individuals who want to give to international efforts. They typically work with several countries, offering donors the ease of giving directly to various projects or programs without taking on the legal and practical challenges of doing so directly. For a fee, ranging between five and eight percent (depending on the size of the grant,) and a grant of at least $5,000, an intermediary organization provides the mechanism and expertise to see that your grant gets delivered to the proper organization, carries out the due diligence on the project and provides reports to you and The Dayton Foundation on the outcome of your grant. Gifts from Dayton Foundation funds to intermediary organizations are permitted, because the grant is first given to a domestic charity.

Call Jo Dech or Diane Timmons, in our Grants department or call (937) 222-0410 for these questions:

  • You want to know your fund’s balance.
  • You want your statement.
  • You want to ensure your grant was received.
  • You need to know the name of your Personal Foundation Representative.

Note: A personal representative is assigned to you when you establish an endowed (long-term) fund through the Foundation. Your Personal Representative will oversee your fund.

Learn more about the policies of your Dayton Foundation fund.

Need help learning how to access or navigate Donor Express? Watch our Donor Express tutorial video.

Frequently Asked Questions

For quick answers to typically asked questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Janet and Don Grieshop

“There is a saying, ‘To those whom much is given, much is expected.’ We’ve received so much from our community. It’s our responsibility to give something back. The Dayton Foundation helps us to do this.”
– Janet and Don Grieshop, Dayton Foundation donors since 1995

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